Work Trip in Haiti

Join a Work Team in Haiti! Work Team trips are open to any Rotarians or Friends of Partners in Literacy projects who want to experience the joy of working on-site with us in Haiti.  Nothing surpasses the opportunity to meet and come to know as friends the people whom the projects are serving.  All work trips address the International Rotary goal of engaging communities to support basic education and literacy in areas where strengthening is needed to significantly increase literacy levels. 

Individuals within the teams fulfill various tasks such as these: 

Set up or enhance a small library:

  • Transport books
  • Build bookcases
  • Assemble furniture
  • Organize the library
  • Catalogue books and shelve
  • Recruit a librarian and committee 
  • Hold an opening reception
  • Summarize in a work log 
  • Write about and photograph the experience   

Distribute books to sites:

  • Select from applicants for receipt of books
  • Retrieve books from storage centers
  • Accompany books to distribution sites
  • Keep records of recipients
  • Assist with training recipients at distribution sites
  • Visit sites of recipient libraries, schools and centers
  • Hold a reading celebration with children
  • Summarize in a work log
  • Write about and photograph the experience

If you have these skills or characteristics, you are well-suited to participate:

  • Communicate well in Kreyòl or French
  • Feel passionate about spreading literacy
  • Have a spirit of adventure
  • Love libraries and browsing through/ handling books 
  • Like being near children 
  • Work well in teams and like meeting new people
  • Are open to a new culture, food, living conditions
  • Want authentic, unique travel and cultural experiences
  • Enjoy documenting travel trips


Trips are usually held 2-3 times per year depending on the seasons and in-country conditions. For more information, please contact us at (803) 276-1813.

Rotaract and college students:  A limited number of partial stipends may be available.

Email your resume to us, including a cover letter explaining what you are interested in gaining from the experience.

If you join us:

PILH will send you guidelines and materials on health, safety, and customs for traveling in and visiting Haiti.

Attend a mandatory orientation meeting on Zoom.

Tentative Costs (USD) One-Week Stay:

  • Airline round-trip: Atlanta, GA to Port-au-Prince. . .$1,000
  • Transportation. . .$75-$150
  • Lodging and two meals $75 per eight days. . .$600