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Kreyòl Books

The Australian Rotary Kreyòl Writing Project, a PILH Committee collaboration among Australia, the United States, and Haiti, led to the development of a series of culturally authentic picture books to encourage young readers to learn to read in their own Haitian Kreyòl language. Each book has a different upbeat Australian author and a delightful Haitian artist. An experienced Haitian editor culturally adapted these stories and translated them. The books are printed in Haiti. Books will be distributed at free or low cost in underserved areas under the advisement of Haitian literacy and community leaders, Rotary and Rotaract Clubs. Each book is bilingual–also translated into French.

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Alphabet Charts

Alphabet Charts are available in two sizes: individual work mat size and a large classroom size. The Alphabet Chart is part of an effort to improve Kreyòl language education in classrooms in Haiti and is a part of our commitment to promoting Kreyòl as the language of education.

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