💬 Chak mwa reyinyon 1 èdtan yo ap fèt dènye vandredi a nan chak mwa nan 11am (Ayiti), sof si yo di sa.
💬 Les réunions mensuelles d’une heure ont lieu le dernier vendredi de chaque mois à 11h (Haïti), sauf indication contraire.
💬 Monthly 1-hour meetings are held the last Friday of each month at 11am (Haiti), unless otherwise noted. [Check your local time using https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/]


Meet-ups are informal conversations among group members on a chosen topic. Meet-ups will take place on even numbered months.


Presentations and workshops are more formal and will include a demonstration or instruction on a particular topic. Presentations and workshops will take place on odd numbered months.

26 February 2021 <Recording>

30 April 2021 Read-Aloud programs, by Judeline Mazile, Librarian at Fondation Toya <Recording>

25 June 2021 Pourquoi et Comment donner le Goût de lire aux enfants de 4 a 9 ans / Why and How to promote 4 to 9 year olds to read, Guerdie Stephanie Pelissier <Flyer> <Recording>

30 August 2021 Réponse post-ouragan et gestion de crise | Post-hurricane response and crisis management, by Elizabeth Pierre-Louis (FOKAL) <Recording>

29 October 2021 Community Libraries Conversation About Partners, with Tom Adamson (Library Club of Haiti), Fernand Constant (La Chapelle Community Library), and Judeline Mazile (Fondation Toya Library) <Recording> <PowerPoint>

December 2021 – NO meeting

25 February 2022 – Discussion on the 2022 HLA Interest Survey Results, with Clara M. Chu, Janet Mumford and Sara Mansbach. <PowerPoint> <Recording>

29 April 2022 – Discussion on developing HLA to a National Network of Librarians, with Brulan Jean-Michael (Training & Outreach Manager, PILH) <Recording> <Meeting Notes – coming soon!>

24 June 2022 – TBA

August, October…

26 March 2021 <Recording>

28 May 2021 Cataloguing using Libib, by Tom Adamson <Recording>

30 July 2021 Utiliser Canva pour promouvoir les services de bibliothèque | Using Canva to Promote Library Services, by Katie Ebeling <Flyer> <Recording> <PowerPoint>

24 September 2021 En partenariat : La Chapelle Community Library avec HEPI et PILH | Working in Partnership: La Chapelle Community Library with HEPI and PILH, by Janet Deavor, Fernand Constant and Elisca Makenson <Flyer> <Recording> <PowerPoint> Flannel Board Story Resources <PDF>

November 2021 – NO meeting

January 2022 – Presentation on the library activities in the Summits Education network, with Josué Pétion at Summits Education. <Flyer> <PowerPoint> <Recording>

25 March 2022 – Overview of the FOKAL Online Training with Erick Toussaint, Library Program Coordinator for FOKAL <Recording>

27 May 2022 – TBA

July, September,…