Partners in Literacy Haiti (PILH)

Our Vision

To transform the lives of young children in Haiti through literacy and libraries.

PILH Past, Present, Future

Our Mission Statement

PILH enhances literacy in children and families in Haiti through work with, support for, and development of community libraries and learning centers.

Our Values

  1. Partnership: Partner with organizations, both within and beyond Haiti
  2. Action: Work to benefit as many children as soon as possible
  3. Education: Embody passion for education with the flexibility to seek new solutions
  4. Stewardship: Promote the responsible use of resources to achieve goals

PILH Steering Committee

Dr. Sara Mansbach
Committee Chair

Family Literacy Consultant
7750 Rotarian

Lisa Bodenheimer
Committee Secretary

Clemson University Librarian
Episcopal Diocese of Upper S. Carolina

Thiela Schnaufer
Committee Member

Retired Latin Teacher
Community Leader

Sanford Miller
Retired Businessman

Interested in Getting Involved?