Partners in Literacy Haiti (PILH)

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Reading Well is Haiti’s Future
Li Byen Se Lavni Ayiti


Promoting a culture of literacies in Haiti

Who We Are

Partners in Literacy Haiti (PILH) develops literacy projects to significantly heighten very young students’ interest in and ability to read. 

PILH collaborates with experts from international and Haitian organizations, universities, and nonprofits to produce authentic and workable solutions to literacy and library issues. 

L’école est la pépinière des âmes, le lieu où s’élabore par une éducation appropriée l’avenir des nations.

School is the nursery of souls, the place to develop, by an appropriate education, the future of the nations.

Lekòl se pepinyè pou nanm, se kote avèk yon bon ledikasyon yo prepare lavni nayon yo. (Kreyol)

Sténio Vincent, 
28th President of Haiti, 1930-41

What We Do

Provide reading materials

Jumpstart village libraries

Work with teachers

Encourage Kreyòl authors

Plan for future needs